About Us

At Teague-Noles 45 Automart, we're YOUR dealer!

We've got a great selection--everything from Audis to Volvos and all the Chevys, Dodges, Fords, Nissans, and Toyotas in between. We pride ourselves in always keeping the cleanest, nicest, next-to-newest cars, truck and SUVs around.  Please bookmark this page and check it often--there's no telling what you might find.  We have one policy:  If it's super-sharp and has a good history, we'll put it in inventory!

Locally owned for 11 years - we always have the perfect-for-you vehicle at a great price. Our staff has a combined 61 years of experience, and we know how to help you choose a vehicle that you will be proud to own for years to come. Check out our testimonials to see just how pleasant purchasing an automobile can be.